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How To Control Steering Wheel

Steering wheel control requires following the correct instructions, practice, and skill. The car’s stove can be controlled in many different ways, but not all of them are safe and sound. Following the wrong methods may lead to accidents, especially when exposed to sudden or emergency situations, as well as when driving. Outside the paved roads, and to learn how to control the steering wheel in the right way, you can read this article.

How To Hold Steering Wheel

Holding the steering wheel in the right way is the first step to proper control of it, and to get acquainted with the correct way, you can follow the following tips:

  • Adjust the seat and steering wheel in the appropriate way, so that the steering wheel can be gripped without the need to bend forward, taking into account keeping an appropriate and comfortable distance for the hands. It is worth noting that some cars have the option of adjusting the horizontal and vertical position of the steering wheel.
  • There are two ways to hold the steering wheel, the first is by placing the left hand at the ten o'clock and the right hand at the second o'clock, as if there was a watch on the steering wheel, while the second method is by placing the left hand at the ninth o'clock and the right hand at the third o'clock.
  • It is recommended to hold the steering wheel with firm fists, with the thumb placed on the inner side of the steering wheel, except for driving outside paved roads, when the thumb is placed on the outer side of the steering wheel, in order to avoid being hurt by the severe vibrations resulting from the nature of the road.
  • When one hand is required to operate the wipers, lights or directional signals, the hand must be returned immediately after completion.

How to Steer Car While Driving Forward

To master steering the car skillfully, the following tips can be followed:

  • Steering the car at low speeds requires turning the steering wheel more as well as more effort than when steering the car at high speeds, so you must pay attention to the degree needed by the steering wheel to steer the car at different speeds.
  • Steering the steering wheel using the push and pull method, so that the left hand pushes the steering wheel clockwise, while the right hand pulls the steering wheel in the same direction alternately when needed to steer the car to the right, and the opposite happens when needed to steer the car to the left.
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel while steering the vehicle.
  • Return the steering wheel using your hands after you have finished steering, rather than relying on it returning on its own.

How To Steer A Car While Driving Backwards

The method of holding the steering wheel and steering it while driving the car in reverse differs, and to find out the correct way, you can follow the following tips:

  • Turning the trunk to the right with the head to be able to see through the rear window, with the right hand behind the headrest of the side seat, and holding the steering wheel with the left hand grip from the highest point.
  • Turn the steering wheel to the right to make the rear of the car turn to the right, and reverse that to the left.
  • Drive the vehicle at the lowest possible speed while paying close attention to directions.

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