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How Can You Protect the Car From The Sun?

The various parts of the car are affected by exposure to direct sunlight, and continuous exposure to the rays may lead to damage and damage to some of these parts, such as; The seats, the dashboard, and even the tires, either because of the high temperature, or because of the effects of ultraviolet radiation resulting from the sun, so the necessary measures must be taken in order to protect the car, and during this article we will discuss the issue of protecting the car from the sun.

Tips For Car protection from the sun

The car can be protected from the sun in several ways, the most prominent of which are:

  • Shade parking: This is the most common and easiest way to protect your car from the sun, and it's also the most effective, as it also keeps your car out of the hot sun.
  • Car cleaning and drying: The car body accumulates a lot of dirt, such as; Insects, dust, bird droppings, and with the high heat of the sun, this dirt sticks to the car’s paint and may interact with it, causing additional damage, so the car must be washed periodically and dried using a cloth to get rid of dirt and water deposits.
  • Applying a layer of wax: Car wax works in the same way as sunscreen cream for the skin, as it preserves the car’s paint from ultraviolet rays, and thus reduces the appearance of cracks in the paint and its discoloration.
  • The use of umbrellas: the interior parts of the car, such as the seats and the dashboard, are exposed to sunlight through the windows, which leads to a rise in temperature, and thus drying and cracking over time, so the use of umbrellas, whether on the windows or those that cover the entire car, is one of the means that contribute to protecting Car interiors.
  • Use of shading: Shading means that semi-transparent layer that is placed on the car’s windshield, which has the property of reflecting some rays, such as ultraviolet rays, and thus reduces the amount of heat that enters the car.
  • Use of Seat Covers: Covers protect seat upholstery from dirt, cracking, and sun damage, and help balance seat temperatures during summer and winter as well.
  • Keeping the windows open: Leaving the windows slightly open when parking in the sun reduces pressure and heat inside the car.

Tips to keep the car from overheating in the summer

The intense sunlight during the summer causes the temperature to rise, and this in turn causes an overload on several parts of the car, such as; The engine, battery, and tires, so the necessary measures must be taken to maintain the car, and here are the most important tips for preserving it during the summer:

  • Check the car's fluids: The scorching summer heat increases the amount of heat that the car's mechanical parts are exposed to, and therefore you may lose part of the fluids that cool it and facilitate its work, such as radiator fluid (radiator), engine oil, and gear oil (transmission).
  • Check the battery: The temperature greatly affects the work of the battery, and the frequent use of the air conditioner during the summer increases the load on it, so it must be checked periodically, and it is preferable to check it with every oil change.
  • Cleaning the air filters: Dust and dirt increase during the summer, which leads to dirtiness and possibly clogging of the filters faster, so they must be checked periodically, and these filters are the air filter for air intake into the engine, and the air filter for air conditioning.
  • Check the air pressure in the tires: the high temperature causes the air to expand inside the tires, thus increasing the pressure, which may lead to their explosion in the event of a significant increase in pressure.

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